Season’s Greetings from the first Four Seasons

Designed by Peter Dickinson Associates, the first Four Seasons Hotel opened in 1961 at 415 Jarvis Street. One of budding hotelier Isadore Sharp’s many innovations, suggested by landscape architect Austin Floyd, was to celebrate the holiday season by placing Christmas trees on every balcony. The brightly-lit trees brought the hotel’s courtyard alive with cheer, particularly when casting their luminous glow upon a blanket of fresh snow. To maintain a festive spirit after New Year’s, the trees were artistically piled in the courtyard outside the dining room, sprayed with water and allowed to freeze until they formed a giant sparkling ice sculpture.

Best wishes to all in 2012!

1 Response to “Season’s Greetings from the first Four Seasons”

  1. 1 Michael Francis McCarthy December 10, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Nice photo, Robert. Great building, too.

    Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2012 to you and yours,
    Cheers! Michael

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